Pier Caps and Wall Capping

Formstone boasts the Largest Range of Pier & Wall Capping in Australia

Sandstone Pier Caps and Wall Capping add a distinctive and impressive decorative feature to walls, pillars and posts for homes and businesses.

Designs for Pier Caps and Wall Capping

Pier Caps and Wall Cappings add an extra element of class and flair to your exterior walls.

Our skilled craftsmen have designed a large range of Wall Capping and Pier Caps for you to choose from. Our designs can be viewed both at our Wangara premises, and online.

If you have a particular design in mind, our professional and experienced staff can help you create the look you are looking for.

Feel free to browse through our online collection, or better still, come in and visit our display in Wangara or contact one of our craftsmen on + 61 8 9302 1972.

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