Maintenance and Caring

For your all sandstone, from Planters to Columns to Water Features.



Your Formstone product will not require any on-going maintenance but because it is stone and therefore porous, it does age over time. This process can be accelerated by coating Formstone with either milk or yogurt, which encourages the rapid development of algae and lichen. However if you wish to keep the product as clean as possible we recommend the application of Formstone sealant, developed to our stringent specifications.

Formstone that will be exposed to salt or salt water should be sealed to help prevent salt-water erosion and "fretting".

Fountains must be sealed to reduce the leaching of calcium, a natural occurrence with any porous stone, which can block or jam pumps. The sealant also reduces algae forming on your Formstone, if algae does form the sealant makes it far easier to remove.

If Formstone becomes stained and you wish to clean it:

• Use a high-pressure water blaster or contact us for details and rates on our Cleaning and Maintenance Service.

• Try a weak mixture of bleach, like "White King".

We offer a cleaning service to all our clients and are happy to assist you in maintaning any Formstone Products or Water Pumps we sell. 

Please contact us before trying any other methods to clean your Formstone as some cleaners will react negatively with stone products.

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