Sandstone Columns

Our wide range of sandstone columns cater for a variety of tastes and preferences. The collection of sandstone columns, manufactured in our Western Australian based business, ranges from simple designs to highly decorative pieces. Sandstone columns can be a stunning and classical addition to any home or commercial development.

Column Designs

At Formstone, we have a complete in-house manufacturing and moulding system. This allows us to manufacture custom sandstone products according to your own tastes and preferences. We also have a large catalogue of sandstone column designs viewable online or at our Wangara office.

Column designs to replicate:
  • Architectural Columns
  • Roman Columns
  • Corinthian Columns
  • Greek Pillars
  • Parthenon Columns
  • Greece Columns

Columns to be used as:

  • Decorative Columns
  • Building Columns
  • Porch Columns
  • Pedestals
  • Decorative interior columns

Sandstone Column Designs & Collection

You are welcome to browse our collection of sandstone columns or view images of our previous work online, or at our premises in Wangara.

Contact one of our representatives on + 61 8 9302 1972.

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